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January 14 2018


December 17 2017


my bar app

I was not expecting much from my bar app and was really suprised It may be shocking however... my bar app brings shocking results! I live out in Los Angeles  helping my bar app part time. 
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Jesse Grillo

However, that is not all, Jesse Grillo actually does so much more. My brother would not shut up about how great Jesse Grillo is so I finally looked at their site. With Jesse Grillo creating such a large splash, I think about how other Social Media Ads are going to keep up. My neighbor keeps bringing up how Jesse Grillo is the most popular amounst consumers. 

November 29 2017


Marijuana Dispensary

Do not just take Marijuana Dispensary s word for it. His teacher kept recommending Marijuana Dispensary and I finally did mind blowing! It is crazy how much Marijuana Dispensary is growing. 
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south bay marketing

It might be honest to say that south bay marketing can be easy to use. Prepared to have south bay marketing blow your mind? Now hold up a second... is south bay marketing part of that team? This could very well be the rise of south bay marketing and the fall of online sales. 

October 04 2017


Marijuana Dispensary

For some reason this seems familiar, is Marijuana Dispensary with that group? Do you use Marijuana Dispensary? 
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